Thursday, June 30, 2011

Diet Coke

I love you!  I was running errands and was totally craving a diet coke.   It was like the diet coke gods heard me because they were handing out these beauties by the tube station.  Karl Lagerfeld 2011 bottles.  Made my day :)

I am obsessed....

with Louis Vuitton.  For you that know me this probably comes at no surprise.  Every holiday we take I am more excited about going to the LV store then site seeing.  Its like Effiel Tower eat your heart out...its pretty ridiculous.   My husbands thinks I'm crazy and I'm sure you do to now :)

I am totally eyeing this bad boy!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Marbled Nails

Well six marbled nails.  I was in a hurry but really wanted to try it and smudged a few.  I just painted them blue.  Hopefully next time I will get less on me and more on my nails.  My pattern usually ended up on the tape instead of my nails.  Practice makes perfect...right?!

BTW I have chubs for fingers.

Hair Envy

Before I moved overseas I chopped my hair.  I was going in for a trim, but me being me (very impulsive), said what the hell cut it off.  I think I liked it for 24 hours and then it hit me...what did I do.  I miss braids, wave curls, and low buns.  Here is the hair I am totally envying right now

Images from Pinterest

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

English Countryside

My weekend was filled with skype dates, Pimms (perfect summer cocktail), tea, scones, and the English Countryside.  Sunday Manon and Ollie hosted a BBQ in the countryside and it was absolutely gorgeous.  After lunch we went to a tea garden and enjoyed some tea and scones.  It was perfectly British.  I put just a few pictures of our great weekend.  Thanks again Manon and Ollie you were wonderful hosts :) 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Friendship Bracelets...making a comeback

Friendship bracelets are making a comeback.  Honestly, I'm a fan and love mine, especially since two glow in the dark..ha!  Are you a fan or not?

Friday, June 24, 2011

I pity the fool..

Since moving to London I have become a tea fanatic.  I came across this Mr. Tea set on and I have to have it.

You can find the tea set here along with other cute stuff here