Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was the start of one of my New Years resolutions, to try new things.  Friday we were boring and stayed home trying to get back on London time.  It still hasn't worked...  Saturday we went shopping and tried out a new pub we have been wanting to check out forever.  It was fun and nice to just be with Matt.  After our Christmas Holiday we needed a date night.  Sunday we rented a car and I drove in London for the first time.  Driving on the left is scary enough but throw a manual my way and it is even scarier.  My right hand wanted to shift, I have big red buses swerving in my direction, random people crossing the streets, and bikes everywhere.  I felt like I was in MarioKart just dodging buses instead of turtle shells.  I am suppose to get my company car this week or next.  Hopefully my little practice yesterday has me!  We ended the weekend at the movies- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I saw the original one a month or two ago, both are pretty good.  I had a few issues with the new one, they changed the storyline and people either had Swedish or British accents.  The story took place in Stockholm-they should have Swedish accents.  Anyways it was still a good movie but the book was better.

Happy Monday! 

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