Wednesday, September 26, 2012


First I need to say that I am changing my blog name to Jennies Monthly Dose because I suck at blogging lately.   For real - need to get my ass in gear.  

Yeah, so I just made up Blitching.  Blogging + Bitching = Blitching.  I am sure somewhere out in this blogging world someone way cooler than I already made this up or gave it a way cooler name.  Regardless today I will be blitching and if you don't like it, don't read it.

If you are one of my facebook friends you have already seen the multiple posts about my train issue.  To be honest, before my train got cancelled today I was having an OK day.  I got to sleep in, my meeting went well, had a chat with my mom and then it happened, the voice of all voices I hate to hear repeating - "The 14:15 train to London Kings Cross has been delayed.  The East Coast service would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you."  I checked the screen and it says delayed till 14:18 - no big deal, then 10 minutes later 14:22, again 10 minutes later 14:32 and you get the picture.  This goes on for 45 minutes.  I start noticing people checking their phones and heading towards the information booth.  Not good! I already know it - it was cancelled and it was updated online before the screen.  YUP - CANCELLED appears on the screen.  I'm in line waiting with the rest of the damn train station when I  hear a guy next to me say "I'm going to York and getting a train to London from there".  Sure this sounds logical to me - considering I have no idea where York is but lets go with it.  I see other people following him.  I mean he was in a suit so I imagine he travels all the time and knows what he is doing.  So, I call Matt and ask him to look up the next train to York, its in 5 minutes on the platform across from me.  Perfect lets do this.  

I get on the train and all is fine until I notice we are going at a crawling speed.  Like seriously what is going on?  The conductor gets on and says due to flooding we have to travel at a slower pace and will be late into York.  I can take late because it is way better than not arriving.  I decide to check what times the trains are leaving York and its not looking bad - I can catch the 15:29 train.  Perfect, so far this suit man is a genius.  A couple minutes later I decide to hit update and I see DELAYED on my train time.  I start to cuss the suit guy in my head and I can see other passengers, who decided to follow him, doing the same thing as they check their phones.   We make it to York and the train to London is delayed by 35 minutes but it actually works out because we were late due to how freakin' slow we were going.  On my way home everything is going grand and finally 4 hours and 45 minutes later I make it to Kings Cross about to go into the underground when my card gets denied. It says seek assistance which usually means put some money on your tube card.  I try it again because sometimes it just doesn't register, but I got the same message.  So I wait in this RIDICULOUS line with other pissed off commuters to top up my card.  I finally get to the machine and swipe my card and £10 shows up on the screen.  Are you kidding me I could be home by now.  So I try again and it lets me through this time.  Honestly I have the best luck today.

I make it to my tube station and I am about to get on the escalator on the left to walk up because all I want is to get home when some dude cuts me off.  Really dude, you didn't see the line of people waiting their turn to get on.  You Jackass.  I looked down and notice his shoe is untied.  Any nice person would get over him cutting them off and tell him about his shoelace.  Well guess what?  I am not one of those people and today wasn't really my day.  To be honest what I really wanted to was step on it and see him trip but before I could finish my thought he tripped over it and almost fell. This was actually a better outcome and I couldn't help but laugh.  

I was making my way out of the tube with the mass of people trying to get home and thinking about all the ridiculous stuff I saw today that I could blog about when I was approached by one of those damn people who try and sign you up for shit or sell you something.   I usually try to avoid eye contact but today I thought my pissed off face would clue them in not to talk to me.  NOPE, not so much, this guy thought it was a good idea to approach me.  First of all he picked the worst time of day to do this because the majority of people just want to get home.  And second he needs to figure out a better way to approach people.  Saying "Don't worry I am not going to annoy you or take too much of your time." is the not the best.  I just looked at him and said "well, actually you already are and my time is up" and continued walking.  But what really pissed me off was he got me in mid-thought and after I couldn't remember everything I wanted to talk about.  

So, now I am home sitting in my pajama's downloading the latest episode of Real Housewives New York and blitching.  Well, I guess I am done blitching.  But I did see some funny and random shit today and it is bothering me that I can't remember.  I mean 5 hours in train stations/trains you are going to see some weird shit.  

Anyways enough for today.  I need to...

BTW - My mom will not approve of this photo.  

Hopefully you guys have a better day than I did.  

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