Monday, February 11, 2013

If it's meant to be

Yesterday instead of hitting up Target to snag a few pieces from Prabal Gurung I was condo hunting.  Talk about stressful.  Not as stressful as London but very close.  We were out all day and have 3 choices but the way the market is going they could all be gone by time we get to making an offer.  I found out late last night, while watching the Grammys, we missed out on our top choice by a few hours.  So, we quickly moved onto to our 2nd and we are waiting to hear back.  The agent did let us know we are not the only ones interested but we were the first to contact and apply.  However, I have been waiting for an invoice for a few hours to pay so they can start to process our application and I am yet to hear from them. I am getting beyond impatient.  If they come back and tell me we missed out there will be words as they told me we were first to apply.  Wish us luck - I really hope we get this one.  My husband said I am not cut out for this and I think he is right.

Today this is what I need to keep reminding myself

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