Thursday, April 5, 2012

Last year...

We were moving into our flat.  That day was filled with laughs, tears and few %*@# what did we do?!  To think this is what our place looked like last year.  I am still saying %*@# how did this all fit in here?!  Yes I like to curse, especially in stressful situations ;)

Sorry for the blurry iphone pics.  I wasn't about to try and find my camera during this. 

a little ray of hope shining through..ha

Just half my wardrobe- the movers were unpacking and laughing in the bedroom.  
I was crying

Looks like the kitchen is coming along pretty good.  So we thought!  Later that night we found out the dishes were bigger than the cabinets.  Try and guess which cabinet is the fridge.

Matt putting away his clothes.  Nice calves dude!  

We can admire my shoes instead of watching tv...

Another shot of my clothes.  

To see what it looks like now and read what we learned click here.  We did end up giving a lot of things away that day.  I would say most of this furniture will be staying here when we move back to the States because I am not sure they will be able to get it out.  

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