Wednesday, June 13, 2012

For the home

Last night after the 8 hundredth time of stubbing my toe on the trash can in our tiny kitchen I started dreaming of the perfect kitchen.  You know, one that I can't touch both walls at the same time and has a normal fridge.  I'm not asking to much here.  But, seriously I can't wait to be able to decorate a house and put our personal touches in it.   If I had my dream kitchen this is how I would decorate it.  I would make sure that Matt and I can both be in it at the same time too.  I'm accident prone and at times I need someone to make sure I take the cardboard out from under the pizza before I cook it.  I'm a real Betty Crocker over here.

 I love rustic wood tables, I would have one side with a bench and lucite chairs on the other.  On the chairs, I would throw a few pillows to add some color.  I would accessorize the table with some white candle holders and have a few small mint julep vases of Peonies (my favorite).  As for dishes, I would bring in more color with these funky DVF plates.  I couldn't pass up this cute whale for your butter and the navy DVF tray for entertaining.  Finally, I would add some personal touches with white picture frames filled with my smiling face...and I guess Matt's too.  

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