Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guest Blogger - Taylor

Drum roll's my first guest blogger. 
 She's funnier,cuter and younger....of course.    
But seriously she is crazy funny. If your not following her you should be.  
I can't watch the Bachelorette in the UK and her post keep in the loop.  
And lets be honest, her post are way more entertaining!

Hello Jennie’s Daily Dose Readers!
I’m Taylor and I write over at The Daily Tay
(it’s a rule all bloggers from Nebraksa must use the word
“Daily” in their title.)

If you didn’t catch that oh so sublte hint, like Jennie, 
am also from the great Cornhusker state.
And similar to where Jennie used to live, I now live in
And next month I’m moving to London! 
Kidding, but wouldn’t
that be ironic/super creepy?

I’m a struggling writer trying to finish my first novel,
which is about tailgating during college football season-
the working title is "Hungover Games."
Again, I'm lying. But I do think that would make for a comical book.

On a normal day you can find me blogging 
about the good
old days of college Dear Real World
voicing my opinion on B List celebs like Emily "Hood Rat" Maynard
or even D-List celeb babies like Maxwell Drew Lachey Simpson
or simply getting excited for Husker football season “Twas the Night Before Game Day..."

I also like to blog about my pup, Harlow, 
going to happy
hour with my boyfriend, Chris, 
and trying to push along the ironic children’s
book I just published called

Okay, I just spewed out a bunch of stuff.
But if I didn't scare you away,
stop on by and say hello to another Nebraska-rooted blogger!


  1. hey there! new to your blog from the daily tay ;) you two are an absolute hoot! cant wait to read more from ya... my boyfriend and i also met in college at an 80s party. love at first beer bong i tell ya.

  2. Anytime Taylor! Loved having you!

    Ellen - haha! Love it! Happy to have a new follower.

  3. Oh Taylor, always good for a laugh ;) Hi Jennie, glad I found you. I am going to follow you now, cuz I think that anybody who lives in London is cooler than me, and I need to take notes :)

  4. Hi Brit - welcome! London is cool - not sure I am as cool...ha!