Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

I woke up this morning with huge puffy bags under my eyes.  My nephew is fun and did I mention he is a cutie but man he wore me out.  I tried to teach him how to layout by the pool but he thought it was more fun to splash me and get my People magazine these days.  He woke me up at 7am saying tee tee which means choo choo (adult translation, it's Thomas the Train time).  Not gonna lie that show freaked me out...those trains make some weird faces.  Anyways, I got a little shopping in, tried the amazing Dorito Taco that I have been dreaming about for months and sweated my ass off at some CWS games.  Now I need to finish some laundry and start packing - I leave tomorrow to go back to London.  Not looking forward to a 14 hour travel day.

Here is my weekend through my iPhone

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