Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boy or Girl?

On Tuesday we had our 20 weeks scan and the best part about this appointment is you get to find out the gender.  I know gender reveal parties are all the rage right now but Matt and I wanted to do something a little more intimate.  We decided to have the Dr. right down the gender in a card and seal it.  We made dinner reservations for later that evening and we would open the card at dinner.  If you know me than you know I am so impatient and I was dying to open the card.  I was trying to read the menu but I couldn't stop thinking about it and it honestly felt like forever before the waitress came to take our orders.  After we finally ordered I could not wait any longer and we decided to open it, but before we did we both made our predictions.  We opened the card and it's a BOY!  We couldn't be happier and I am already so much in love with this little man.  The rest of dinner was awesome just being with Matt and talking about our little baby boy.  After dinner we called/emailed our families to let them know the great news.  I wouldn't have done it any other way.  It was perfect!

We are going to frame the card for the Nursery.

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