Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday's Mood

It's Monday...blah!  I have started to spring clean a little early this year, ok a lot early.  One of my New Years resolution was to get a jump start on organizing and de-cluttering.  I am sitting here wondering how we have accumulated so much stuff.  We literally have no where to put anything in this tiny little flat but, somehow we have managed to.  I am trying to sort through everything to figure out what we need keep vs. give away and I started to think about re-decorating.   Of course..haha!  I am always so practical.

First on the list is this couch...with a little twerp running around we will need a darker color couch

Second is I want to paint a navy accent wall 

The third and final idea is painting the inside of the front door black, although I realize if I go too far with my re-decorating my husband may exercise his veto rights.  Hoping to avoid that! 

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