Friday, July 15, 2011

Current Crushes

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It's Friday lovelies!!  Here are my current crushes.  I am so excited about this clutch- I think I had 4 in my cart trying to figure out which one I wanted.  Check it out at zhush - she has awesome trays, scarfs, jewelry and clutches.  I just bought the boots too but in tan since a few reviews said the black rubbed off on clothes.  I am in desperate need of a jacket to take me into spring, summer and fall.  It doesn't get that hot in London and great jacket is a necessity.  I have been eyeing this All Saints jacket for a couple of months.  They sold out in my size...tear.  I am hoping they get it back in stock or come with some new ones for fall.  I love gold jewelry and the bigger the better.  I like to wear my husbands watch :)  Who wouldn't want some blue or red jeans.  What are your current crushes?