Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Drum roll please....


So I hate trying on clothes, I mean absolutely hate it.  I do the neck trick with majority of my pants and skirts- you know when you take the waist of the pants/skirt and wrap around your neck.  It's pretty spot on except for pencil skirts.  I have what some people like to call a "booty" and it can get in the way.  I also have the shortest legs known to man, so no matter what I have to get them hemmed.  This skirt was no exception - didn't try it on and it was way too long when on my waist.  High waisted skirt...sure!  You can tell its still a tad too long.  

Self Portraits...sorry.  My photographer (the husband) was out of town.

What I'm wearing...
Maxi Skirt - H&M
Shirt- J.Crew
Necklace- Hamsa Hand- Top Shop
Friendship Bracelets- Handmade
Bracelet- leighelena (love it) got it at lollapalooza 3 years ago
Shoes- Havaianas (black)
Nail Polish- Blue Moon by Barry M

BTW I apparently really squint my eyes when taking photos...lol!


  1. cute blog! excited to see how life is like in london!

  2. lovely outfit, Jennie! I love the nail polish color too.