Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grumpy and Sleepy with a side of inspiration

I'm a little grumpy this morning and it is mostly my fault but not entirely.  I was about to head into bed and on the TV were previews for "What did I do last night" and I was hooked.  They follow people around for a night of drinking and show them what they did the next morning.  Most of the people think they had an awesome night until they watch.  So...duh I had to watch.  It doesn't end there, I watched an episode of I didn't know I was pregnant and Intervention.   It was 1am at this point and was like enough go to bed even though I really wanted to stay up for Jersey Shore since I missed that episode, but I went to bed.  Well, tried to go to bed.

Sleep is my favorite thing in the world-love it.  I jumped into bed waking Matt up and giving him a kiss as he rolled over, this is a regular occurrence and I am sure he is annoyed by now.  I got all situated and started to fall asleep when all of a sudden our fan starts making this noise.  I thought I was hearing things so I listened again and nothing.  Okay, so I got comfortable again and as soon as I start to dose off, there it is again.  Like are you kidding me?  This time I sit up and stare directly at the fan, as if I am going to intimidate it and nothing.   I lay back down, I am not going to fall asleep but act as if in hopes to maybe trick the fan.  Ten minutes go by and nothing so I decide to dose off.  That doesn't last long at 2:30am I wake up to the noise again.  I was pissed and I hopped out of bed to try and fix it with no avail.  The noise did not stop for the rest of the night.  So I hardly got any sleep.  You know what annoys me the most I look over and Matt is sound asleep like nothing is going on.  How does he not hear that.  Ugh so today I am a little lot grumpy and sleepy.

Okay enough about that...lets talk nails.   I found this nail inspiration at emeraldsparkled and wanted to recreate it.  I started with a black base coat, cut tape and made a triangle, placed on my nail and painted the bottom red and top silver for the game this weekend.  Let me know what you think.  My picture is blurry-sorry.  That is what happens when you only get 2 hours of sleep :(



It's almost Friday...yay!


  1. Love it!! I will hire you to do my nails when I come visit sometime! :) GBR!