Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Fashion

I need a little inspiration with fashion. The weather in London is anything but great and is not my favorite topic, especially when all my friends back home are tan and wearing shorts.  The highs right now are in the mid to high 50's and usually cloudy with rain.  This weekend it was 60 and actually sunny and you know what that means if you have ever visited or lived here - girls dress like its 90.  Shorts, tanks tops, flip flops, summer dresses etc - you see it all.  I understand a Maxi with a jacket or blazer but these girls are rockin' it without a jacket, flip flops and acting warm when you know they are freezing.  I, however, do not dress for the weather I want but for the weather we have.  So this post is to give me some inspiration on how to dress for London's summer without looking too fall.  

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Happy Monday!

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  1. So pretty! All the looks are so inspiring!

    ox from NYC!