Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When in Rome

 I was trying to go through the 600+ pictures we took in Rome to organize for this post but I had to stop halfway through.  There are just too many to choose from.  We had a blast to say the least.  We unexpectedly saw the pope, somehow avoided all the lines and indulged our little hearts out in gelato, wine and food.  Every meal we had was great but our 2 favorite spots were Sofia and Spirito DiVino.  If you are headed to Rome definitely check them out.  If you go to Spirito DiVino - make sure to check out the ancient cellar.  I would recommend making reservations.  The weather was perfect and everyone was friendly.

On a random note, Saturday was my birthday and Sunday I woke up very hungover and hungry.  Breakfast was about to end so I jumped in the shower and quickly changed.  I went downstairs with mascara still under my eyes, wet hair and a pair of jeans with t-shirt.  I think the t-shirt may have been Matt's.  Regardless you get the picture of what I look like...not good, right?!  I grabbed a huge sugar donut and head for the neatest table trying to avoid eye contact with anyone.  I am downing my coffee and about to take another bite of this donut when I see a girl that looks really familiar.  I look at Matt and said umm I think I know her, maybe not know, but recognize her.  I am sure I was making no sense to him.  Finally my brain started working and I realized it was Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere.  In my current state I was not going to say hi and introduce myself, I mean I was barely speaking full sentences.  So I saw a way cooler blogger than me (ha) and was too ridiculous to say hi.  Story of my life..haha!

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  1. Amazing! I love your pic of the spanish steps! You are sooo lucky!!! Sooo fun!!!