Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Paint it grey

My parents want to redo their bedroom and my mom is really loving grey and french inspired decorations.  I decided to put together two design boards for her.  If I could redo her bedroom and sitting area this is how I would decorate it.  She wants to keep her current bedroom furniture except I am vetoing the side tables!  Their bedroom furniture is beautiful except they have these two side tables that have made every move with them and they seriously need to go.  They would need a mirror or artwork over the bed- but I am leaving that up to them.   I would paint the walls a soft grey and my mom and I love accent pillows- in the sitting area we would add some with a pop of color.


Sitting area
What do you think?  

Bedding, Couch, Ottoman, candles, lamps and jewelry trays from Pottery Barn
Blanket from Pro Stores
Side tables and C from Graham and Green
Gallery Wall Image photo credit

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  1. Oh it looks so bright and peaceful:) love the touches of grey:)