Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Run Santa Run?

Every year Matt and I sign up to run a 5K together.  This year is no different - we signed up for the Santa Run in Greenwich Park.  My husband is an avid runner and I think this is his attempt to get me into running.  I should probably preface this by saying I am NOT a Runner.  I would rather do 3 hours of bootcamp than run.  I am not sure why but I hate it.  I'll train for about a month or two, run the race and then go back to NOT running.  This happens every year, just a constant cycle of me hating life for 2 months..ha!  As we were signing up, I was thinking I get to where I can run 3.2 miles under 30 minutes and quit?!!  Why, because I hate running?  It honestly makes no sense- I put in hard work to just let it go and start all over the next year.  So in my efforts to keep this going I have decided to make it public on my blog.  I will put updates on here, maybe some of our workouts and of course pictures.  Any tips or fun races to run in London would be appreciated :)  

Wish me luck!

Photo credit: hat || shoes  

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