Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where's your British Accent?

I have lived in London for 8 months and no I do not have an accent.  I went back to the States and majority of people kept asking me "Where is your British Accent?".  Umm...really people??  When I have had a few cocktails a little accent will come out!  It's pretty comical.  The British have added some new vocabulary to my everyday conversations.  So if your bored and want to spice up your conversations try these...

Brilliant = Awesome
que = a line
Takeaway = Carry Out
Keen = wanting to do something
Are you Alright? = How are you?
Drunk Scooter = Not sure how you got home last night - Autopilot
Rubbish = Trash
Jumper = Sweater
Braces = Suspenders
Mum = Mom
Well in it = In trouble
How you getting along = How is everything
Fags = Cigarettes
Cracking = Excellent (Cracking good time, cracking deal etc)
Gutted = Upset, Disappointed
Massive = Huge
Muck Around = Waste Time
Nappy Valley = areas with a lot of young couples with children
Mug = gullible person
Kip = Nap
Lift = Elevator
loo = Bathroom
ring up = to call someone
post = mail
cheers = thanks
tart = slut
Smart Dress = Business Casual
Fancy Dress = Costume
wonky = faulty
crisps = potato chips
Garden = Backyard
Pram = Baby Stroller
knobhead = dickhead
Geordie = Native of Newcastle  (similar to Jersey Shore)
Quite/Absolutely - use in most sentences here
fancy = like
boot = trunk
Car Park = Parking lot
Petrol = Gasoline
fit = attractive
cheeky = brash

I could go on forever...

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