Friday, October 21, 2011

Thanks Mom

Woke up to a delivery this morning :).  The UPS guy and I are pretty much friends at this point- I usually see him once a week..ha!  My first thought was I haven't ordered anything in a while, but maybe it was an item I ordered that was on back order finally arriving.  I was trying to go through all my recent purchases and I can only imagine the face I was making when he asked me to sign for it.  Deep in thought and slightly confused.  He handed it over and I saw a halloween sticker and new it was from my mom.  If we were in the states this would have been my first thought but living overseas it is not as easy to send us stuff.  I ran upstairs, literally ran since next to the sticker said Halloween candy.  I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!  Not only was it candy but cake mix and brownie mix.  Yum!  Thanks Mom- I will be stuffing my face all weekend long..ha!  Miss you too

BTW- I am pretty sure the Ghost is flipping me off on the card..ha!

Happy Friday!

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