Tuesday, July 24, 2012

5 Things That MATTer

We're trying something new today...my husband is blogging.  

If he is any good, it may happen again.

I told him not to hold his breath..but he says this is easy.

You be the judge!

Let's preface this by saying he's a weird cat...but I love him

5 Things That MATTer

1. Click play, high five yourself afterwards.

2. Every man should know a couple different ways to lace their dress shoes, or at least have this link to click on.

3. Chuck Close is partially paralyzed and, according to "60 Minutes", suffers from a rare neurological disorder that causes face blindness (no joke).  Amazing.

4. I know, I know...made in China and overpriced.  But still awesome.  What is more American than a
Ralph Lauren sweatshirt made in China?  Go USA!

5. Guilty pleasure - Hipster Runoff blog.  The Perez Hilton for hipsters...careful N100%SFW - yeah I just made that up.

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